Beach Sloth

With a chilled out lo-fi style, Carter delivers a lovely collection on “Tranga”. Stylistically Carter draws from a wide variety of styles, dance, RnB, indie rock, all framed within an electronica backdrop. The approach works wonders and adds to the overall power of the vocals that grace every track. Lyrically the songs possess a poetic observational quality, one that helps the collection feel alive. Attention to detail means that every element truly shines, from the playful beats to the shimmering basslines.


“Desperation” starts the collection off on a high note with a wonderful passionate opener, complete with handclaps for emphasis. Much more spacious is the dreamy work of “Human”. Guitar work adds to the otherworldly spirit of the piece as it unfurls in a naturalistic way. Easily the highlight of the collection is the delicate arrangement of “B.F.F.N.”. Quite subtle the way the song’s many layers come together creates a warm tender spirit. Lyrics take front and center for the soar up into the skies. A psychedelic pop informs the shadowy work of “Sweet Nothings”. Such a well-formed groove helps to anchor the entire piece for it displays a great sense of cool calm confidence. Bringing the collection to its conclusion is the stripped down “G.G.”. For the first few moments it is merely the expressive vocals and keyboards. Even after the beats kicks it the song has an intimate feeling to it.


Carter delivers a tender, emotionally impactful piece of twee pop on the celebratory spirit of “Tranga”.


Beach Sloth
Published February 23, 2017

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