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I bet you did not know where Suriname is. Hopefully thanks to Carter more people will discover his music and learn about his home country.

His song ‘G.G.’ was recently featured in new Netflix coming of age tv series “On My Block” The song comes from his first ever five-track EP “Tranga” released a year ago. It draws upon his experiences as a teen and how it affects him now.

‘G.G.’ was written and produced by Carter himself and captures his emotions that can be heard in his vocal performance. Downtempo instrumentation phenomenally sends a shiver down the spine. This is a REPEAT button song.

“I try to blend culture inspired sounds with a downtempo, lo-fi indie tone to create a cinematic storyline within my music.”

Location: Suriname, South America
FFO: alt-j, Turtle
Label: Unsigned

Born Music Online
Published 16 April, 2018


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