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As soon as I first heard the song 'Human' I was lost. Lost in an ocean of feelings, memories, emotions, awe. I just had to find out more about the artist behind it. Introducing Carter from Suriname. 

Apart from me being an idiot and getting the time difference wrong and calling an hour too early, our interview goes smoothly and although Carter is slightly hesitant at first, he soon loosens up and I get to delve deep into the mind of this incredible singer- songwriter who is mainly influenced by the many colours his country has to offer. He blends culture inspired sounds with a blissed out, lo-fi indie tone serving as a base to an electronic framework. 

Carter is influenced by all genres of music, "my favourite is indie music. My uncle listened to songs from the 80s and 90s and I love hip-hop. My country has its own music types, just for us, so I try to blend everything together." He continues, "Suriname is a very small country and we don't really go out very much, but we do adopt many things from America so I want to show I have western influences as well as from my home." He grew up listening to The Doors, The Beatles and Bob Dylan, "I loved the style from The Doors and Bob Dylan is just Bob Dylan. They mixed different genres with styles and emotions which were only theirs. No one can compare." 


Lucy Lerner - Britz 'n Beatz
April 19, 2017

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