While dealing with her depression, Imaany calls on her first to cheer her up. They then set out on a day long adventure all across Suriname, in order to find the cure for sadness. Or at least to get her mind off it for as long as they possibly can. In memory of Gianni Bodeutsch.


Director: Giorgio de la Fuente

Edit: Loëlle Monsanto

MUA: Chantal Jie Foeng Sang

Starring: Imaany Hasnoe
Nigel Fokké
Araneah Lee

Favorite Ice Cream

We all have an addiction in some way or form. I believe that we choose to have one to help us avoid the fact of reality even if it's just for one second. This story follows Lizzy. The party is symbolism for life. Lizzy's addiction is music and the comfort it gives her. At the end of it all, the other people have been swallowed by the harshness of reality, while Lizzy is simply avoiding it and lost in her own beautiful world.


Director: Kenzo Soemodihardjo

Camera: Jurgen Lisse

Edit: Darryl Tsai Meu Chong

MUA: Chantal Jie Foeng Sang

Starring: Lizzy Linn


Through love and hate, Lilo confronts her demons with the hopes that she can persuade them to leave and never come back. The only friend she ever had was loneliness, it stood by her side in her moment of need. But it started absorbing her life. So it had to stop.


Director: Kenzo Soemodihardjo

Camera: Darryl Tsai Meu Chong

Edit: Darryl Tsai Meu Chong

MUA: Nicole Millerson

Starring: Aby-Jo Elshot


Lilo is haunted by her fears and lives her life in misery while her old friend, Darkness, watches over her. Happiness is a construct in her mind that she can only ever reach by drowning herself in alcohol and letting nostalgia take over her body, mind and soul.


Director: Kenzo Soemodihardjo

Camera: Sander Coumou

Edit: Loëlle Monsanto

MUA: Rudy Ferdinand

Starring: Aby-Jo Elshot


My first performance after a long while. Poetry & Beyond gave me the opportunity to perform my new music stripped down to its bare bones. I really gave it my all, heart and soul into this performance.


Date: 29 April 2017

Songs: Desperation/Human/BFFN

Location: Tori Oso

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